Cobalt glass—known as "smalt" when ground as a pigment—is a deep blue colored glass prepared by including a cobalt compound, typically cobalt oxide or cobalt carbonate, in a glass melt. Cobalt is a very intense glass colorant and very little is required to show a noticeable amount of color.

The Benefits of Cobalt Blue Glass

1. Dark Glass Protects Perfumes

All essential oils benefit from proper storage and handling. To avoid deterioration and protect the aromatic and therapeutic properties of your essential oils, they must be stored in amber or cobalt blue bottles.

2. Blue Has Magical Qualities

The color blue is transformative, offering a wide range of benefits including a heightened immune response, lower blood pressure, relief from insomnia and headaches, reduced stress and diminished anxiety. It also carries a spiritual advantage, known for stimulating creativity, sharpening intuition, improving communication and aiding meditation. It has a calming effect on the entire person, mind body and spirit.

FreyjasMagic Perfume Oils - Now in Blue!

All our perfume oils now come in beautiful cobalt blue glass vials, ensuring both carrier oils and essential oils are protected from oxidation. Both our sample size 3 ml and full size 10ml bottles feature stainless steel rollers for smooth, precise application. Pure, exotic scents in gorgeous, elegant bottles...only from FreyjasMagic.