One of the best ways to keep your skin young and beautiful is by daily dry skin brushing. Dry skin brushing involves using a long handled vegetable fiber brush to gently but firmly massage the entire body from foot to head. The entire process only takes 2-3 minutes, and greatly benefits not only your appearance, but your overall health.The skin is the body's largest organ of elimination, getting rid of over a pound of waste each day! By dry skin brushing, you assist the body's detoxification process by keeping the pores clean and boosting circulation. The benefits are numerous.

The Benefits of Dry Skin Brushing:

  • removes dead skin, dirt and acid
  • opens and deep cleans the pores
  • increases lymph circulation
  • stimulates the release of cellular toxins
  • stimulates sweat glands to detoxify
  • increases blood circulation to organs and tissues
  • enhances organ function
  • helps maintain youthful, glowing skin
  • promotes faster, more even weight loss
  • reduces cellulite

How to Dry Skin Brush:

The best time to skin brush is in the morning before you bathe. Make sure your skin is dry, as wet skin will pull and sag. Use only a natural vegetable fiber brush, as synthetic brushes can irritate the skin. I recommend Yerba Prima's Tampico Skin Brush, which can be purchased online here, and at most natural food stores.

  1. Begin at the soles of the feet and work upward.
  2. Always brush towards the heart.
  3. Brush clockwise around your abdomen.
  4. Brush up the middle of the chest, and around breasts. Do not brush breast tissue.
  5. Gently brush downward on the neck. Do not brush the face. (For facial exfoliation, try our Lemongrass Foaming Sugar Scrub.)
  6. Brush the back any direction you can reach.

Follow with a with a hot shower or bath, and a cool rinse. For even greater benefits, finish by massaging Freyja's Magic Grapefruit Slim Detox and Toning Oil on legs, upper arms, abdomen and anywhere you wish to slenderize and reduce cellulite. Don't forget to enjoy the aromatherapy benefits of our Grapefruit Slim by breathing deeply for complete body and spirit rejuvenation!