Washing your face may be the most important part of every morning. There's nothing like a clean face to make you feel invigorated and ready for the day. Washing carries away the toxins released during sleep, and prepares your skin for shaving or makeup application. Scrubing stimulates blood circulation and makes your face glow. Many commercial exfoliates, however, are harsh and abrasive, damaging rather than invigorating the skin, while artificial foaming agents further strip your face, leaving it dry, dull and defenseless against damaging bacteria. Stripping the skin's natural sebum layer causes it to go into overproduction mode, leading to oily skin and blemishes.

I've always had very sensitive skin. As a child, I would develop a rash after only a few minutes in sunlight. For many years I suffered with severe acne, which led to permanant scars. My skin was constantly inflamed and so painful I couldn't sleep. I tried every conventional and natural method to clear my skin, to no avail. Finally I discovered Suki's Exfoliate Foaming Cleanser. It was sweet, scrubby, refreshing and left my skin feeling soft, smooth and silky but not oily. Within a few months my acne was gone, and the scars had begun to heal. It was an instant pick me up for dull, tired skin. I couldn't imagine starting my day without it, but the cost made it impossible to keep supplied. The only thing to do was try to make my own exfoliate foaming cleanser.

I began with organic unrefined sugar, saponified coconut and hemp oils, and a touch of sweet almond oil. Pure theraputic essential oils added a bright scent, fresh feel and the body/spirit benefits of aromatherapy. With a few simple, pure, all natural ingredients I created a sweet, citrusy scrub that exfoliates without abrading and cleanses without stripping. It's the perfect balance of foamy, scruby and moisturizing that will leave your face feeling smooth, clean, and deliciously fresh. Use it morning and evening for gorgeous, radiant skin!

And it's not just for women. Men need to exfoliate too, to keep their skin young and handsome. Freyja's Magic Sugar Scrub is perfect for deep cleansing all skin types, especially sensitive skin, and contains no artificial colors or fragrances. Guys will appreciate the fresh feel and absence of perfume-y scents. Just good, natural, no frills cleaning power.

Now that Spring is finally here, it is especially important to keep the skin clean, since it is the body's largest organ of elimination. Help boost your spring time detox by using our lemongrass scrub on face and body. The scrubbing action not only lifts away impurities, but also stimulates the lymph, helping wash away internal toxins. And that is where real beauty starts - from within.