Pure Handmade Body Care - Simple, Effective, Energetically Balanced

Founding & Mission

Freyja's Magic was created to provide pure, potent body care products for people like ourselves who are sensitive to their environment - and for those who love Vikings! Healing others is our life's mission, and everything we make is crafted with that goal in mind. We handcraft each item with care using only the finest natural and organic ingredients, and test everything on ourselves. Freyja's Magic is a labor of love - creating, packing and shipping are all part of the fun. We love the thrill of creating, so custom orders are always welcome! Your feedback inspires, encourages and helps us improve.

Philosophy of Healing

We believe our bodies heal themselves when brought into harmony with nature. Our products are designed to support this healing process physically and energetically, using herbs and essential oils to remove blockages, dissipate stagnation and restore balance.

Nature's Magic: Energy

It is not the ingredient list but the scent and feel of a product - its energy - that attracts, telling that it is right for you. This is the magic of nature. Co-founder Jesse Larson, a certified Tui-na Master and Viking Shaman, uses his enhanced ability to feel energy to fine tune every recipe, ensuring the balance of ingredients and scents that makes each of our products so unique and effective.

Yin/Yang & Aromatherapy

All our products are created to harmonize, rejuvenate and balance the yin/yang feminine/masculine energies of the body. The use of aromatherapy further enhances the healing effects to body, mind and spirit. People with emotional sensitivities find our products especially calming, uplifting and revitalizing.

Thor's Hammer Men's Line

Created by a real man and approved by his woman, our Thor's Hammer men's line includes 100% natural aftershave, beard balm and oil, and deodorant. All products are handmade using the simplest, most effective ingredients possible and are free from artificial colors and fragrances. Keep yourself handsome and healthy with Thor's Hammer!

Shining Ones Sunscreen & Lip Balm

An ancient Norse myth recounts how the goddess Freyja was seized by the Aesir and hurled three times into fire, each time emerging unharmed. They named her "the Shining One". Another legend tells of a race of Shining Ones that anointed their bodies with an ointment that protected from the sun. These tales inspired us to create our Shining Ones line of sunscreen and spf lip balm - pure, mineral based and scented with frankincense and myrrh for complete chemical free protection!

Why Freyja? Viking Magic & Healing

Among the Vikings, Freyja, goddess of beauty and healing, was patron of both the magical and healing arts. Traditional Viking treatments included anointing with salves and the preparation of herbal remedies. Creams and balms were made in every household for daily use on men and animals. Vikings were also know for their careful grooming of hair and beards. Strength and beauty were both part of their culture, as evidenced by the fierceness of their warriors and the elegance of Viking artifacts from weapons to jewelry to longships. It is in this spirit of strength and beauty that we have crafted Freyja's Magic.

Our Story

We are Rose and Jesse Larson, healers, adventurers, and lovers of nature and Viking culture. When we met in 2014, Jesse was practicing Tui-na massage at a college of Chinese Medicine and I was an herbalist at a natural food store. Discovering that we were both highly allergic to commercial and "natural" body care, we combined our talents and started making our own products. We fell in love, sold everything and embarked on a year-long cross-country road trip that has taken us through Minnesota, Montana and California. During our adventures we lived in our Jeep, had a baby girl, and have used our gifts to help many people. We continue to travel, create, learn and practice living in harmony with nature, always pursuing our mission to heal.

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